New Job or Old?

I need your guidance. Please help me out.

I am working as an HR Executive in one newly established firm.

I got an offer from one of the MNC company for an HR role, in its backend operation. Kindly let me know is it good to work as hr backend operation or I should continue with my present job only.

Please brief me the carrier in backend HR operation. Will it beneficial for my future growth.

The job description to new job and the existing one would be the right point to start with.

Often the name labelled to a role can be pretty mundane , where as the accountabilities can be diametrically opposite.

Here’s my suggestions for you to weigh the two opportunities :

  1. Compare the day-to-day deliveries. Check on a daily basis what are the tasks you need to complete on both the jobs.
  2. Look at the line of reporting. You might be reporting to a very senior or the head of the firm in your current. How far does that adds on to your learning. Is it very micro-managed or you have a huge scope to arrive at decisions?
  3. Find out how the information flows in your new job, and review it with your existing one.
  4. How about the work environment ? 
  5. Have they offered you a growth plan ? How did the person delivering your role grow in that MNC?
  6. Is there an employee alumni at the new firm ? Tap into it to understand where talent from that firm gets hired.
  7. A new firm offers growth along with its business cycle. Where as an established MNC might have pigeon-holed work functions. This might sound stable , but can get limiting in the long run, if there is no Job-Rotation.
  8. What do you want to be in next three years, and how far each of these roles can take you there ?

What would you suggest that can help him decide ?

Source: CiteHR

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