Diversity: Equality and it’s Reality

The age of equality is here, all thanks to merit and the competition it fuels. Gender is no longer a bottleneck for the talent. Its the optimisation of skills which remains the focus. Right from hiring to managing talent, it’s the result that matters. Then where does the gap arise. Why do our workforce fall out of the balance?

Middle level executives tend to have career breaks. It goes both for men and women. Socio-economic and business cycles churn the workforce creating cyclic unemployment. However, the return to the jobs are not even for both the genders. Men tend to take smaller or almost no-breaks. Whereas women who take a career-break to look after their families tends to extend their break atlas for an year.

The returning workforce may require either upscaling or underemployment through up a low-paying job. With the rise of Gig-Economy, the options for work have grown manifolds. These jobs may not match the pay of regular employment, but offers a continuity for sure. The jobs available in the Gig-Economy are so far the best fit for women as it allows them to telecommute , optimise their skills and manage domestic duties.

Does this adds on to the balance? Would the women workforce in the Gig-Economy add on to the missing diversity tile? What about career progression? Would these gigs add up to the skills that is required at the leadership and board level? Would you , as an Organisational Head , hire a talent from Gig-Economy for a leadership role? We know the concept of Full-time jobs and employment might not long for every role. Does this open up a window to hire the women talent whom you lost from your workforce due to child-birth and care?


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