Are Interviews a good way to hire the right people in an organisation?

I love this question as it highlights every blind spot, that turns a deal breaker for the new talent to survive in an organisation. However, is Interview a good way to hire ? Yes you have the best of the processes to filter talent initially on the basis of acumen through General Assessment, which includes Quants, English and a Psychoanalysis Test. There are 30 or 50 questions in each section to asses the threshold skills.

This purely clarify the skills to effectively respond to those areas within a short span of time. Then follows the initial rounds to test the specific skills for the role. For the roles in IT , its the Technical round with Practise Managers interviewing the candidate either on phone or in-person. The only skill is tested on this round is technical. It works the same for the Support functions be it HR or Finance. Once the Practise Managers give a green signal, it moves to the Hiring Manager. For a mid-level role , it could be the direct Reporting Manager. In case of a bigger scale, it is often the Team Lead or Manager.

A standard process such as this, ensures the best pre-wiring of the pitfalls that can cost you a bad-hire. But will that alone save your firm from a bad-hire?

I have been through numerous process of hiring, where in, I was included in a dialogue with the leaders within the organisation and their teams for months. There was no promise of hire, but rather, offering a rich conversation. It was only after a long right-fit activity , I was hired. I must say, those were few best roles I worked at. I know several organisation owners, who allows the candidate to identify the fit rather than assessing them. Yes, its a reverse approach to make sure the candidate willingly take up the role knowing every pitfall. I even know firms that allows a candidate to intern at a role before being hired for it.

A startup I know works in an agreement with what the candidate agrees to deliver in what point of time. The roles and timelines are closed on that. Needless to mention, it decides the pay package too!

Crowdfire, created a community with meet-ups for designers and System Thinkers. The brainstorming during these meet-ups not just brought up newer ideas for the product and trouble shooting the flaws, but also created a rich talent pool to hire when need be!

The downside to such a process is speed and time. Hiring requirement with a strong TAT or an urgent back-fill won’t be able to contemplate this.

Hence, coming back to the question, does interviews bring the right people to the job you are hiring for?

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