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Worn at India Leadership Conclave 2018, Sahara Star, Mumbai

‘Pratishthana’ the capital of Satavahana empire in 200 BC during the time of its ruler Shalivahana was renowned for it’s silk and cotton weave. With time the name of the place evolved as Paithan.

During Peshwa reign Sardar Raghuji Naik and Trader Shyamji Walji shifted weavers to Yeola and revived the manufacturing of Paithani Sarees. Thus weaving the silken dream with motifs of golden and silver thread on the border and Pallu including Peacocks, Bangdi Mor and Lotus, inspired from Ajanta Caves for the Peshwahi Queen.

Easy to maintain these pieces of history need only a dry wash, stored safely away from sunshine. Hence owning a Paithani is essentially owning a piece a royalty, adding a treasure to your wardrobe.

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