“In today’s world of fragmented media if you want beyond gaining attention to building a relationship, we need to engage with our target groups using a number of channels both on and offline. In a multi-stakeholder business environment the target group could mean employees, customers, and investors both present and future.

In today’s world, the concept of passive audience is anachronous. Hence we build engagement through conversations rather than through broadcast messages. Conversations mean not just a voice and an audience but also content that lends itself to conversations.

As in the case of most people today, all kinds of identities are spread across different channels of communication. While talking face-to-face is easy to coordinate, between heart, mind and mouth to communicate who we are, what we do and what we believe. To do the same in today’s media, we to understand managing identities beyond just the technology platform that enable it.

Combining both in-depth understanding of people’s identities and communication we offer a broad range of conversations as a service weaving together Internet, mobile, events, signage and other threads that makeup the weave of fabric that is modern life.” Dr. Mathai Fenn

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