This fever is beyond Viral

I am writing this because I am both angry and worried! Since yesterday each women came up sharing their experience while working with Arunabh Kumar. The number is growing and its getting murkier . It scares me to think what a 22 years old faces while working with the bright and promising young leaders.

Today the incident went even worse with the CEO stating, ” I am 26 year old heterosexual single man, when I find a woman sexy, I tell her she is sexy. I compliment women. Is there anything wrong?”

The Viral Fever was valued at 310 Crores post money last year ! There are 200 employees who are currently working in the firm. How does this impact them? Does the action of their 26 years old CEO question the health of their firm?

What about the revenue? Right now everyone is talking against the man. Hence they will wait till things subside and then release a series to woo the viewers back. So would it actually affect the numbers? We need to wait to see that!

Not sure what the investors are deciding. Does a media-social media trial affects the brand? Would this have any backlash on what the investors decide? In the past, Rahul Yadav, the CEO to was fired by the Board in the wake of his questionable antics. According to the statement issued, “The board believed that his behavior is not befitting of a CEO and is detrimental to the company.”

What awaits Arunabha Kumar now? How would his actions affect him and his company? What message would this send across?

A formal complaint is yet to made, hence no legal actions evoked. However, the damage has been done. The reputation in a business is the strongest currency, one looses to realise !

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